Refund Policy

Young Actor Production Fees

Playhouse 1960 (PH) collects production fees for each Youth program production. Fees are subject to change as our costs to produce the shows increase. These fees are used for the rental or purchase of show materials and the rights to the productions which are determined by the author/owner of the copyrighted material and the managing rights company.  It is the policy of PH that these fees are non-refundable once rehearsals have begun.   If PH should have to cancel a production in its entirety for any reason, PH will make every effort to reimburse production fees to those performers who request that we do so.  If PH should have to reschedule a performance for a later date within the original time frame of the production, the production fee shall not be reimbursed. If PH should elect to reschedule the entire production to a later date, PH will make every effort to reimburse production fees to those performers who cannot be available for the rescheduled production date.  PH kindly asks that each performer consider donating the production fee to PH should a production cancellation occur.  PH is not guaranteed a refund from the managing rights company and is dependent upon these fees to remain solvent.

Ticket Sales

Playhouse 1960 (PH) sells tickets to each performance on a non-refundable basis which is consistent with standard practices in the live entertainment industry. Ticket sales are used for the general operations of the facility and to pay for costs associated with each production outside of the material rights covered by production fees. Prior to a performance, it may be possible to switch a reservation to another performance date depending upon capacity at that time, there is no guarantee.  Once a performance has occurred, PH will not refund a ticket or move a ticket to another performance date.  If PH should cancel a performance for any reason, PH will contact each ticket holder and offer another date to view the production or a future production.  PH will refund the ticket should the ticket holder be unavailable or not wish to come on another date when the original date was cancelled by PH.  PH kindly asks that each ticket holder consider donating the ticket cost to the PH should a performance be cancelled and not rescheduled.

Covid 19 Guidelines

Covid-19 Impact on production fee and ticket sale refunds and performance requirements:  Playhouse 1960 (PH) will follow local and federal government guidance and mandates to the best of our ability at all times. This may require a cast to wear masks on stage or audience members to wear masks to enter the building.  PH considers Covid-19 and future similar health issues to be an Act of God beyond our control. PH does not intend to issue refunds for production fees due to a cast member becoming ill and unable to perform, for ticket holders intending to see a specific performer who is ill or for ticket holders who become ill and are unable to attend a performance. PH does not intend to issue refunds to cast members or ticket holders due to any masking requirements during a performance. PH consistently monitors the need for wearing masks during rehearsals and performances as the situation warrants. It is our goal to have maskless performances and audiences whenever it is deemed safe to do so.